What should be automated ?

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It's bee traditional thinking to... One to one mapping between manual tests and automated tests. Trying to have as much requirements and test case coverage as possible. Automated tests should be able be reproducible manually. But over the years, I've found that having 1000's of test cases I tend to cause even more problems. 1. Test code is harder to maintain which becomes production code. Besides the technical aspects like having to bend over backwards to accommodate changes in the software under test, it is also the lack of support from business and development for test code. For example, very few shops will hold up a release or delay development if there are broken tests or flaky tests.  The default is generally to comment those tests out..
Basic Selenium Commands

Basic Selenium Commands

Level1, Selenium
Get Command get() command is use to open a new web page in the current browser. Command: driver.get(“URL”); Example : driver.get("");   Get Title Command getTitle() command is use to get the title of the current page. Example : driver.getTitle();   Get Current URL Command getCurrentUrl() command is use to get the URL of the page currently loaded in the browser. Example : driver.getCurrentUrl()   Close Command close() command is use to close the current window of the browser, if it’s the last window it will close the browser. Example : driver.close();   Quit Command quit() command is use to quit the browser and all the opened windows in the browser. Example : driver.quit();   Get Page Source Command