• This training not only gave the knowledge of Selenium but also how to use them in real time in my workplace.Now I enjoy working with the knowledge I got from the training.

    - V Chandra

  • The course was very useful. The teaching with the real time scenrios really helped me alot. The materials are really helpful.

    - Elena

  • In today's market where knowledge in Automation tool is a must for QA jobs,your training is a boon to us.After attending your classes I feel very confident in Java and Selenium.

    - Saradha

  • I got a good exposure in automation testing. The training was short, precise & practical which covers all the important topics. Faculty has a good grasp on the topic. Thanks a lot :)

    - Gopal

  • After attending your traning program, my thinking style has changed a lot . I have started thinking on scripting level

    - Shilpa

  • I always use to hear the term "Automation framework" in my office but never understood it till I attended your training. Now I can make a framework of my own

    - Irene S

  • The trainers won't leave the class until you are comfortable with the subject. I am glad, I took the class. I like to take any classes with them in future.

    - Thomas Fred

  • The training program had the right balance of relevant theoretical inputs and hands-on practical exercises. The topics for training are well structured, researched, and documented and I really appreciate for answering all our queries (some time for foolish questions). Very thankful to providing all the training and Selenium related information through a website.It will be great if provide more examples during the training and that help for beginners to try out different logics.

    - Gireesh

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§  Open and Close Browser

§  Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE , Chrome

§  Locators (developer tools + Selenium IDE )

1.       ID

2.       Name

3.       Class Name

4.       Xpath

5.       CSS

6.       Link Text

7.       Partial Link Text

8.       Tag name

§  DOM

1.       Form Controls

2.       Accessing Input box

3.       Accessing Radio Buttons

4.       Accessing Checkbox

5.       Accessing Dropdown

6.       Accessing Submit Buttons

7.       Accessing Links

8.       Accessing Calendar

9.       Accessing Google autosuggest

§  Child objects

§  String Manipulation and Exercises

§  Object Oriented programming concepts - 1

§  Object & class

§  Constructor

§  Packages

§  Object Oriented programming concepts - 2

1.       Encapsulation

2.       Inheritance

3.       Polymorphism

4.       Abstraction

5.       Interface

6.       Method overloading

7.       Method Overriding

§  Arrays & Collection

§  File IO

1.       Usage of File IO

2.       Reading and Writing to a file

3.       Handling Logs & property files

§  Excel

1.       Working with Excel with example

2.       Data driven testing with Excel and

3.       Application

§  JDBC & Examples

§  Handling Pop up and alerts

§  Handling Ajax Application with Example

§  TestNG

§  Annotations used in TestNG

1.       TestNG Configuration

2.       Suite execution from command promp

3.       without eclipse

4.       Parallel script execution

5.       Grouping the testcases

6.       Create log file

7.       Running test case

8.       Checking reports created by TestNG

9.       Creating sample test cases

10.   Create test Suite

11.   Running test Suite

12.   Assertions

13.   Listeners in TestNG

14.   Data Providers

§  ANT

1.       Installing ANT

2.       Configuration, Properties and Target in

3.       build

4.       Creating ANT Build file

5.       Generating Reports using ANT

§  Selenium Grid

1.       Introduction of selenium Grid

2.       Installation and setup of Hub and node

3.       Simple script execution using grid

4.       Understanding Grid

5.       Exercise on Selenium Grid

§  Page Object

        §  Framework Design and implementation with respect to Real Time Project